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Arielle Kebbel

Arielle Kebbel possesses a prolific film and television career, most notably for her numerous roles on the silver screen including "John Tucker Must Die" and for roles on television programs including “Gilmore Girls” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

"Being a part of the Be a STAR anti-bullying campaign is important to me because I believe everyone has the right to feel safe and know they are equal, despite age, size, race, etc.

"In middle school, I was bullied by kids who would drive by us in their car and throw ketchup on me and my friends while we were riding our bikes home from school. We would swerve our bikes to dodge being hit with the ketchup or risk getting it all over us. I thought about never riding my bike to school again and then I realized that that would mean they won. Instead, I got to learn how strong I was by being scared and continuing to ride anyway. I never fought back and eventually they went away. So ultimately, I won.

"I am devoted to helping bring awareness to this campaign so that the only winning that occurs is from inside each and every one of us. May our hearts be larger and stronger than any act of violence."