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Erin Cummings

Texas native and television star Erin Cummings stars in the upcoming CBS show "Unforgettable.” She has starred in numerous television shows including “Charmed,” “Dante’s Cove,” “Star Trek: Enterprise,Cold Case,” “Dollhouse,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.”

"The issue of bullying is not new. When I was growing up, as a creative personality trying to find my way, fit in and mold to small town limitations, there were many tear-filled days. The torment was brutal and daily. However, I was able to come home to a safe environment with loving parents and I could turn off the torture for the night, recharge my battery and face it all again the next day. Today, with the internet, the bullying never stops. It comes in the form of social media that can spread rumors with lightning speed and works around the clock with emails and other forms of attack. The worst thing is that many of these students being bullied have no idea who their attacker is and they feel helpless, trapped, alone.

"This mentality of bullying doesn't stop after high school. We as a society must hold people accountable for their words in much the same way as we hold people accountable for their actions. Sticks and stones may break bones, but words DO hurt people, sometimes in ways far worse than sticks and stones. Let us all practice kindness, no matter what age we are."