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To a child who's being bullied in school, you're more than just a teacher. You're someone they can turn to as a defender, a morale booster, a guiding light and a hero. To help you help them, we offer a powerful and compelling resource for discussing bullying with students.

Our FREE, downloadable Teacher's Aide Resource Kit and Video Guide were prepared in conjunction with the National Education Association Health Information Network (NEA HIN) and True Educator, Inc. These materials promote tolerance and respect with the goal of eradicating bullying from schools and society. Based on the film That's What I Am, they provide you with powerful and proven information and tools for discussing bullying with students. Starring Academy Award®-nominated Ed Harris, Chase Ellison, WWE Superstar Randy Orton and Amy Madigan, That's What I Am is a moving and thought-provoking look at the insidious ways bullying can affect people of all ages—and how to overcome those effects.

The Teacher's Aide Resource Kit and Video Guide includes:

  • Nine Thematic Lesson Plans (Courage, Responsibility, Dignity, Friendship, Advocacy, Resiliency, Empathy, Identity and Morality) with specific instructional activities and Student Activity Sheets.
  • Synopsis and clips from the film That's What I Am, which is the foundation of this Teacher's Aide.
  • A robust Teacher Planning Section with essential questions aligned to the film's major themes and principles, a National Education Standards tie-in chart, and a comprehensive interdisciplinary Unit Framework.
  • A reproducible Reflective Journal for students to use throughout the program.

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