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Dana Warrior blogs about SummerSlam Week

I’m ULTIMATELY proud to orbit within the WWE Universe. I happily land wherever my voyage leads. It is within the Community arm of WWE I have discovered home base and command central. The WWE Community team is dedicated to enriching communities who graciously host WWE Events. It takes a focused effort to foster relationships with meaningful organizations to benefit the WWE Universe and others around the globe.

SummerSlam Week is a rich opportunity to interface with our host community and partners. We had the week to flex muscles of service and deliver WWE Community Hero awards to a wide range of deserving heroes in New York and New Jersey!

WWE delivered smiles and toy replica championship titles at local children’s hospitals. We assisted UNICEF USA by getting kids moving, motivated and involved in problem solving by attacking global hunger and malnutrition with a kid-friendly one-two punch. We teamed up with the Brooklyn Cyclones to host Connor’s Cure Night at MCU Park. Funds raised that evening and through an online auction of autographed co-branded team jerseys will support Connor’s Cure and the V Foundation for Cancer Research in an ongoing effort to find a cure so children may slay the monster called cancer. We interfaced with U.S. military veterans seeking meaningful employment at our 30 Rock Hire Heroes USA event and welcomed Make-A-Wish kids and auction winners at a lovely, intimate brunch in Brooklyn.

Perhaps the week’s memory standing tall above the rest is the moment we watched a giant cry.

It was an honor to #PlayUnified with our long-standing partner, Special Olympics, in giving newly-named Global Ambassador, Big Show, a surprise that brought him to tears. It’s no easy feat to pull the wool over the eyes of a veteran WWE Superstar like Big Show! Arriving at Brooklyn Bridge Park for our first Play Unified bocce tournament, there was an undercurrent of nervous anticipation. We needn’t have worried since Superstars, athletes and press alike were treated to a picture-perfect day.

Big Show started us off with his remarks ... then grabbed my cards and proceeded to deliver mine as well (LOL :). We were given our instructions and proceeded to put the Play Unified philosophy into practice. We immersed ourselves with fast friends; old and new. There was a satisfying simpatico in seeing Special Olympics athletes teach our Superstars new skills. Both Kevin Owens and Jinder Mahal credited their athletes with teaching them the game of bocce and sharpening their skills at other #PlayUnified games, like Cornhole and Connect Four.

Becky Lynch clearly took her Play Unified instruction to heart pondering Jenga, arm wrestling Angel (four-time medal winning athlete) and hugging all the young men who might have fallen in love with our Irish lass. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay were on their best behavior cheering and competing alongside athletes displaying iconic sportsmanship. Andrade “Cien” Almas struck his ring pose next to our game stations encouraging the athletes to join. True to form, Asuka proved nobody is ready by helping to deliver her team the ultimate win in our premier #PlayUnified bocce tournament!

Once championship titles were awarded, there was a final special presentation to be made. As Big Show made his final remarks, fellow Superstar and his dear friend of more than 20 years, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry, interrupted. Both men showed the strength of their friendship as Mark told Show how proud he felt and what a “big deal” it was to become a Special Olympics Global Ambassador. Immersed in their emotion I was able to sneak the official, custom, Ambassador blazer from its hiding place. I felt honored to help Big Show into this symbol of trust, unification, understanding and inclusion. I know a little something about Big Show’s giant heart and inclusive spirit. He was the first to welcome me as WWE Ambassador in our Orlando, Fla., activations. He has been my champion, fostering a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations to a man who has a heart to match the size of his body and to our partners at Special Olympics for selecting him

SummerSlam in Brooklyn never disappoints! Seth Rollins reclaimed the championship title he swung overhead at WrestleMania in New Orleans. Ronda Rousey made a childhood dream come true, as she claimed the Raw Women’s Championship! The Big Dog, Roman Reigns, might have tamed Brock Lesnar, and WWE’s women’s division is ready to make history at #WWEEvolution on Oct. 28.

As with every monumental WWE event, it is the dedicated fans within the WWE Universe who make the pyrotechnics fly! There’s no more loyal fan base anywhere, period. I’m proud to meet you, cheer among you and believe alongside you.

I believe in the power of the partnerships WWE fosters! I believe in the culture of inclusion and the service-minded spirit. I believe in expanding the call to arms of all you Warriors from your home communities ... THEN, NOW, FOREVER..

... Always!

xo, d

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