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Dana Warrior blogs about WWE and Susan G. Komen's fight against breast cancer

For the second year in a row, I was privileged to show my support in the effort to eradicate breast cancer. Hearing the personal stories of breast cancer survivors I hosted in Seattle and Portland steels my resolve. This year we widened the squared circle in meeting other advocates supporting the fight such as researchers, medical doctors and fundraising activists to form the ultimate trifecta. We’re proud to shine a light on the devoted crew that works tirelessly to meet Komen’s Bold Goal to cut breast cancer deaths in half in the U.S. by 2026!

There’s no reason we cannot achieve this vision if we are activated for the fight! Every war is won with a clear and common objective as well as boots on the ground. It’s time we in the WWE Universe wage war on breast cancer in a way that makes clear we too find it #UNACCEPTABLE!

Meeting Candice, Patty and Jennifer in Seattle and Toni, Janine and Caprice in Portland put six new faces for whom I want to fight. There are people with personal stories as important as the ones I’ve heard this year, last year and continuously on social media. What I recognize most is every person’s story is the most important story to the family who loves them and demonstrates their courage and OWN will to live. These brave warriors are willing to sacrifice their bodies in unimaginable ways to fight for precious, priceless life. There’s a common thread confided to me by survivors. There’s an extra stitch of strength with an enlisted platoon sharing a single objective: operation decimate this disease.

We at WWE are committed to easing the burden and supporting the fight. We believe every person given the diagnosis of breast cancer should also receive the “all clear” until that “Bold Goal” day when “clear” becomes CURED!

You can join the fight to save lives and show Breast Cancer once the WWE Universe is activated there is no hope but a cover and three-count. Three Superstars you can count in on the fight are my super friends: Natalya, Naomi and Sasha Banks. These women led an industry in #Evolution and will effectively lead us by hosting Facebook Fundraiser drives giving you an easy way to show your support!

It’s time to end the statistics that rob us of too many precious lives. We must say one in eight women diagnosed with breast cancer is one too many.

I was honored to meet our Komen guests and enjoyed heartfelt conversations and shared resolve. No one has ever been more vocal about her delight in being present than the beautiful and effervescent Caprice. A member of law enforcement, devoted wife, mother of three and breast cancer survivor, Caprice exuded positivity and childlike wonder. She kept grabbing my hand or tapping my leg to declare, “Best day EVER,” with such sincerity I wanted to deliver even more. During a quiet moment, we chatted about an upcoming segment on Total Warriors, and I asked if I could ask a truly raw question. Ever the open book, Caprice agreed – no query was off limits. I felt emotion well in my throat when I asked, “Caprice, were you so scared when you heard those dreaded words, ‘You have breast cancer.’?”...

Her blue eyes took on the deepest set and swam with tears that never fell as she answered with an open face and absolute candor: “Yes, oh my God yes, I was so scared. I thought, ‘Am I going to die?’”

Breast cancer terrorizing our friends, our family, our Warriors is absolutely, positively #Unacceptable .

I believe the WWE Universe has within it the most passionate and unstoppable force. I believe we can support our partner Susan G. Komen with brute strength and a technician’s skill. I believe getting activated and channeling our unparalleled energy this October we can promise no pink ribbon will be left behind in our war on breast cancer ... Always!

WWE Universe, tune in for a powerful new episode of Total Warriors this Friday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT! We will be chatting with my dear friend Natalya about inspiring issues including perseverance, positivity and our partnership with Susan G. Komen. I’ll also welcome new pals WWE Superstar Sonya Deville and a partner from GLAAD, Anthony Ramos, as we advocate for LGBTQ youth and encourage the WWE Universe to #GoPurple in celebration of #SpiritDay on Oct. 18!

Join us this Friday night on or download, listen and rate on iTunes.
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