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Happy Mother’s Day to true Warrior Women … MOMS!

There are things nobody can tell you ahead of becoming a Mother. To say, “It’s the hardest job you’ll ever have,” is the most laughable understatement ever uttered. Likewise, the promise of, “It will be your greatest, most rewarding accomplishment,” is beige and woefully inadequate.

There are no words to capture the heart-bursting pride a Mother feels looking at her child. I know this firsthand, marveling in breathless admiration at the young women I’ve been privileged to raise. I know moms around the globe feel entirely the same.

However, you were brought into the sisterhood of Motherhood; however you become a MOM let me begin with: THANK YOU!

Without you, the world would have unwashed hands, mismatched socks, unkempt hair and rotted teeth. Without your approving gaze, children would never have experienced self-worth, inner confidence alongside that “embarrassing” moment of watching one’s mother’s eyes glossing over in preparation to … BRAG!

I am not above such bragging. My girls sometimes mutter, “Oh man, here it comes,” with an eye roll. Undeterred, I remind them I carried them both for nine months. I shamelessly intone, “One day when I’m gone you’ll be terribly sorry you quieted your own dear Mother.” *The guilt!* And I assure them an eye roll never deterred a mother on the brink of a boast. “Roll your eyes, cookie. That’s what eyes do, they roll!”… is the only half answer I’m inclined to produce when I want to tell someone, “My kid did good!”

Whenever I hear a Mom sweetly bragging, I stop, smile and applaud! The unconditional love that accompanies these boasts is a magical power of heroic proportions. Kids who are not overindulged, but rightfully praised, become productive people and put joy back into the world! They learn, too, to praise others.

It is Mother’s Day, and as such, I’m here to brag on all of you Mothers! I wish you not just a day of appreciation, but also a moment to revel in the alter ego hidden behind the laundry room door. Past the tumbling sheets, beyond the folded towels in an invisible cape – the cape is ever-present and screams “SUPER MOM” in invisible ink!

Thank you, Warrior Mom, for advocating for your kiddo when the rest of the world seemed mute to their cry. Thank you for hauling your cookies into the office/classroom/athletic field and choking back tears or rage to calmly defend a kid who needed defending.

Thank you, too, for being a Mom who told your child, “You can handle this all on your own,” when the muscle of self-assertiveness needed to be flexed.

Thank you, Mamacita, for teaching your child the value of right and wrong and even appropriate shame. By holding your child accountable and teaching them about consequences, they were given a safe place to practice making better choices for the future.

Thank you, brave Mom, for calling another one when you discovered her kid was getting off track. This wasn’t gossip; it was love and sisterhood.

Real motherhood is about taking responsibility not just for your own kid, but for another child, too, since you’d want that reciprocity.

Thank you, Moms, for working so hard to create happiness and priceless moments. Money can never purchase unexpected memories. Watching a butterfly on social media isn’t the same as witnessing one lit on your own child’s ponytail in the stream of sunlight resting in a field. In those moments, mothers show up and sit quietly and still and thus create priceless equity of precious proportions.

Thank you, Madres, for teaching us not to lie, cheat, steal, gossip, be unkind, insensitive, rude or mean. Thank you for telling us to take a bath, brush our teeth, comb our hair, close our mouths, do our homework. Get your elbows off the table, chew more quietly, admit fault, drive carefully, leave a situation with integrity, get a job, work hard, be exceptional, be ourselves, believe we are enough.

Mothers: Your care was reflected in the way your eyes glowed when insecurities overtook confidence, but you scoffed and said, “I knew you were destined for greatness at the very first glance.”

I believe Moms are the most important influencers on the planet. I believe there are many ways to be a Mother. I believe Motherhood is a sacred job. I believe the children who make us Mothers create for us the most important work we do.

I believe as Mothers we must believe in ourselves and place in one another the abundant and precious gift of belief … Always!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Magnificent Moms! You are Warriors for LOVE and truly ULTIMATE!

xo, d

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