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Pat McAfee challenges The New Day for a $10,000 donation to Connor’s Cure

Former Indianapolis Colts punter, comedian and WWE NXT analyst Pat McAfee has donated $10,000 to Connor’s Cure after challenging SmackDown Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Big E of The New Day at his Fantasy Factory in Indianapolis, Indiana.

McAfee first challenged Kofi Kingston to land two pancakes from a balcony across the room into a bin in two minutes or less for a $5,000 donation to Connor’s Cure. Although Kingston only landing one pancake in an incredible display of accuracy, McAfee was impressed enough that he made the donation regardless.

The second challenge for an additional $5,000 donation to Connor’s Cure was for Big E to bench press 225 pounds 25 times. Big E gladly accepted the challenge and proceeded to breeze past the 25 reps for a grand total of 40, securing the donation to Connor’s Cure.

Visit to learn more about Connor’s Cure and to find out how you can support the fight against pediatric cancer. 

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