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Resolve to start the new year with good cheer

I love New Year’s Day. It’s like a chalkboard wiped clean. There’s an untainted feeling to a fresh 365 days that lie hopefully before us. I always grasp the day not just as a wishing well but a day of mapping strategy. I live my life very intentionally, which doesn’t mean rigidly. I resolve daily to create meaning and richness.

None of the things that matter in life fall from the sky without us looking for them. It’s with eyes cast up, around, and to the horizon we witness stars shooting across heavens, lightning bugs blinking in the summer air, and the sun’s set and rise. Everything I just saw in my mind as I typed the words cost nothing to experience, but my soul is always richer upon recalling them.

It’s simple for us to imagine others having lives that are filled with unearned ease, but behind every face is a story far nobler than any of us can know. To lob judgment on others is to contract from humanity and write an unflattering story of our own lives. It’s also to hide. Resolve to be a light, not a cover.

The best part of New Year’s Day is the fact that there’s a guaranteed fresh book to write with 365 blank pages. Stand in awe and hope in the knowledge YOU are its only author. The pen perched in hand only has one master: YOU. What will you resolve to write?

In my journey as a writer of words and life, I’ve thankfully gained hard-fought wisdom on what I’ve found matters most. As you write your story this year, I hope what I’ve learned can arm you so things outside yourself won’t waylay your epic tale. Intentionally write for victory.

There’s one guaranteed way to invite happiness and that’s to discipline your brain not to want what isn’t yours to have. Never grab or bemoan. Never maliciously envy or tear apart. The work of a happy soul is independent; there’s not room for unhealthy competition. The race to run always begins and ends with a single runner: you.

Resolve to understand this fact: There are those who will be cynical just for sport. Ignore them. Never elevate foolishness to your level. Refuse to give ignorance a platform. Work hard and have a humble pride in the work you do. You can never silence the naysayers, although your ache for justice cries that you try. Don’t. When you know who you are, that is all that matters. You do not need everyone in the world to love you; you need the rare few who know you truly and truly do.

As the new year rolls forward know this... You are going to mess up; that’s to be human. It’s what you do in a mess that shows character. There’s no shame in simply saying, “I screwed up, but I resolve to fix it.” Action is reparation; grab your broom and get sweeping.

What is hard to remember sometimes is that every day you wake is a new start. There’s nothing you cannot resolve to do in the pink of the morning sky that cannot be accomplished with hard work and uncompromising sacrifice. The doomsday seekers will try to shame a visionary, but cover your ears to their limiting words. You account for the story of your life in the legacy you leave and the people you serve. Resolve not to hide your light. Be brave and allow humanity to applaud you.

I believe in good cheer and joy. I believe in positive resolutions and the fact we can all intentionally make and keep them. I believe in our WWE Universe. I believe we feel at home here because we know we have a place. I believe we are resolute fans, champions, beasts, beauties and warriors rolled into one. I believe we are authors of our stories who resolve to be visionaries. I believe it’s far worse to dream small dreams than to believe in big ones ... ALWAYS!!!

Happy New Year, my authors of life! You have my applause and love.

xo, d

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