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Rosa Mendes' Mother's Day blog

As a WWE Superstar, I’m used to having a busy lifestyle, however, nothing could have prepared me for motherhood. Before Jordan was born, my friends who had children would all say the same thing: “It’s exhausting, but it’s worth it!” I never quite understood what they meant until now. Being a mom is the most tiring, draining and hardest work I’ve ever done, yet it provides me with the most amazing and rewarding experience!

I know every mom feels pulled in a million directions and sometimes I wish I had octopus arms to get everything done! Mother’s Day is a reminder that moms are already Superstars. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be the “perfect” mother and balance everything — have an amazing career, keep the house in pristine condition, cook delicious meals every night — the list goes on and on. I worked so hard to secure my dream job as a WWE Superstar, but motherhood is the most important job I have in the world.  

I am so blessed to have such an amazing partner and family who make sure I take some time for myself. This Mother’s Day, I wish the same for all moms out there. Whether it’s going to the salon to get pampered or simply taking some time for yourself to read a good book or magazine, it’s important that we all get a little bit of “me” time. Moms always hold everything together, so we deserve to take a moment to decompress, forgive ourselves for falling short of an impossible ideal, and appreciate our own accomplishments, as well as the accomplishments of all moms. 

I am so passionate about my position as a role model to other women, and I want to make sure we all appreciate ourselves and each other. Being a mother and a woman is a beautiful thing and we should look for inspiration from one another. I am inspired every day by so many women, including Joan Lunden, who is so unbelievably brave to have shared her breast cancer battle with the world and not be afraid to show vulnerability. Sometimes vulnerability breeds strength and I think she is a perfect example of that. Her willingness to share her battle helped so many other women with their own fight against cancer. She is a survivor, a journalist, an author, a mother and so much more.

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I hope that, in some way, I can inspire women the way that Joan has inspired me! Let’s forgive ourselves and each other for failing to meet an impossible ideal. The other day, I met a woman who was holding a baby, had a child in the stroller and two other kids with her, yet she was so put together. “You’re supermom!” I told her. I think it really took her by surprise and made her day. That’s what I hope we can all do for each other. Call it out when you see another mother doing an amazing job, instead of when you think she is doing something wrong. 

I love WWE and I am so passionate about my career. I know that someday, if she wants to, Jordan will hold the WWE Women’s Championship. But on Mother’s Day, we should celebrate the ultimate title that we’ve already won: being a Mom!

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