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Dana Warrior blogs about Spirit Day 2018 and supporting LGBTQ youth

Oct. 18 is Spirit Day, and WWE is proud to support GLAAD and encourage the WWE Universe to Go Purple for #SpiritDay! By wearing purple and posting messages of inclusion and acceptance, we can all take part in the single largest LGBTQ bullying prevention campaign and create a safe environment for ALL our kids! When adults, public figures, celebrities, teachers, and respected members of the community set the example for love and acceptance and support for all youth, the younger generation takes note. By sending messages of love and acceptance to our LGBTQ kids, we invite their trust and secure their faith in the world.

Teenagers deal with enough stress, turmoil, confusion and change without carrying the fear of ridicule and exclusion. Eighty-five percent of LGBTQ youth report some type of verbal bullying, and 65 percent say they’ve been cyberbullied. As a parent who believes bullying can change the core of a child, I’m devastated by these numbers. A kid’s job should be simply growing up: going to school, learning, making friendships and making mistakes. Kids, ALL OF THEM, are too precious to lose to despair before they’ve had the chance to actually KNOW THEMSELVES!

Every single one of us can do something in our hometown to make it a better, more inclusive place to live. If you’re a parent, set the example in your home that kindness to others is a rule and that bullying, of any sort, will never be acceptable. Teach your kids to stand up for others and to use their voices for good among their peers. This is a matter of decency, and if there’s a desire to call upon morality, please do. It is immoral to cause pain to anyone. It is immoral to judge that which is simply “other” as “wrong.” It is immoral to humiliate, badger, embarrass or degrade a member of our OWN family of humanity.

It is patently wrong to set an example of ignorance rather than acceptance.

Please join me, Sonya Deville, Finn Bálor and WWE in partnership with GLAAD to make this #SpiritDay the biggest one to date. Tell LGBTQ Youth we proudly stand with you and support you. Let there be a flood of purple and positive messages on social channels that wash over and sustain OUR kids! Be on the right side of the fight to give ALL kids a safe and loving environment in which to grow!

I believe as a parent that if I want kindness for MY children, I must fight for securing it for ALL children. I believe you do not need to “understand” something to ACCEPT it. I believe the statistics of despair in LGBTQ youth MUST be changed. I believe I’ll shed my signature pink to GO PURPLE on #SpiritDay! I believe in the future of EVERY KID, without bigotry or discrimination...


xo d

Go Purple on Oct. 18 to celebrate #SpiritDay. Take the pledge against bullying and show your support for our miraculous future!! For more info, visit