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WWE Superstars spread the anti-bullying message to Staten Island children

Staten Island was full of stars on Thursday morning when WWE Superstars paid a visit to Edwin Markham Intermediate School for the latest Be a STAR rally. Flying the flag for WWE were Layla, The Miz and Josh Mathews. They were joined by comedian Judah Friedlander of NBC’s “30 Rock.” They all took to the stage and spread the message of peace and tolerance among the young students in attendance. (PHOTOS)

“There’s nothing more important to WWE than giving back to the community,” Mathews said.

Friedlander talked about how important it is for the children to help each other out in the face of bullying.

“People think bullies are the tough guy,” he said. “They’re not. They’re scared. The non-bullies outnumber the bullies. If everyone says something, the bullying will stop.”

Layla explained cyberbullying to the sixth- to eighth-grade students and how they can combat it.

“Ignore it, don’t reply to their posts. Tell a trusted adult,” the former Divas Champion said.

She also had the kids turn to their left and promise the person next to them that they would help put an end to bullying in their school within the next year.

“Everyone is made different in this world,” Layla said. “Embrace what makes you different from everybody else, because that is what makes you special.”

The Miz then took the stage to share a personal story of how he dealt with bullies as a youngster. When trying out for a basketball team, he was teased for being too slow and short. But he used the negativity as motivation, working hard and making the team.

“If anyone ever tells you that you can’t follow your dream, believe in yourself,” he said. “Use the negativity to fuel your fire.”

He then issued a challenged to the kids to help stop bullying.

“Anytime you have something negative about someone, transform it into something good,” The Miz said. “Do something positive every day for someone else and I guarantee it’s going to be an amazing thing.”

For more information on the Be a STAR Alliance’s crusade to end bullying, check out

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