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For Parents

Parents- are you concerned about your child who is being bullied? We can help. Browse through our resources to find answers to tough questions.

Answers you need

Bullying is, of course, nothing new. But these days, in addition to the schoolyard brawls, name-calling and direct intimidation that countless generations have faced, kids have to deal with the far-reaching consequences of cyber-bullying—when a youngster is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated and targeted on the Internet, social media or mobile devices. That's why today's parents need to be more concerned and vigilant than ever.

More resources to protect your child

If you know, or suspect, that your child is being bullied, you're undoubtedly wondering what you can do. Even if you've spoken to your child's teachers and principal, you may feel that that wasn't enough. You have questions, you want information, and you need support. That's why we've collected valuable resources and tools for you right here. Please take a few moments to explore the information below—and then show your child that they can count on you.