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Warriors observe Memorial Day

I will never know firsthand what it is to possess the bravery to serve one’s country. I do, however, know what it is to hold enormous reverence for those who do. My admiration for our military is so overwhelming it can only be called awe. 

Memorial Day marks a day of reflection. It is a day to honor those who have served and, in some cases, made the ultimate sacrifice. These valiant men and women sought a purpose greater than their own self-interest. These heroes willingly laid down their lives so we, and others spanning the globe, might live free. 

Our military wear camouflage in different shades and forms. Our warriors blend seamlessly into the environment they inhabit, becoming faceless on the battlefield. These “unknown” warriors are not unknown to the families who love them. Their faces, voices, laughter, eyes, hands and spirit are the most singular and familiar parts of the life they lived. 

Memorial Day is not only the unofficial “kickoff to summer.” It is a day of respect, reverence and appreciation. This beautiful day, where families gather, is a perfect time to reflect on those willing to run into situations from which most of us would run away. 

On Memorial Day, we owe our brave servicemen and women time carved out from our day to reflect on their service and sacrifice for our country. Memorial Day is a day to express in word, thought and deed our appreciation as a grateful nation for what souls of great valor laid down in ultimate sacrifice. 

Our national cemeteries are a perfect place to volunteer and show one’s appreciation. Visit to learn about ways you can contribute and services you are welcome to attend.

On May 25, our Warrior Girl family has volunteered to place flags on a section of the 60,000 internments at Santa Fe National Cemetery, as well as to retrieve those same flags on May 29. Our small contribution is a way of saluting those who inspire this nation with their legacy of bravery and sacrifice. 

Let us pause on Memorial Day and remember to be grateful. Let us show our hearts on Memorial Day by remembering those who gave their lives for others who will never know their names. Let us empathize with and honor families who bear the loss, and let us listen to their memories of one fallen and what the legacy of their unique spirit means to the family left behind. 

I believe in every branch of our U.S. military. I believe in the spouses and families who serve alongside them. I believe the brave men and women who enlist are uncommon heroes with extraordinary hearts to serve. I believe every soul remembered on Memorial Day shares a common name. They are called WARRIORS … Always!

Thank you for your service and sacrifice! We are a grateful nation who will Always

remember and Always Believe. 

xo, d

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