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The values that have made the United States the greatest nation on earth are unchanging: The understanding that liberty is priceless; the belief that the might of our military is capable of tackling any obstacle; the idea that we all have a personal responsibility to help not only ourselves but also our fellow man.
SoldierStrong is inspired by these timeless virtues. SoldierStrong believes that the men and women of the United States military represent our nation’s very best, and they have given us all an example to follow. That’s why they made it our mission to help veterans in the next phase of their mission, and take their next steps forward through revolutionary technology.
Today, SoldierStrong is proud to stand with those who have fought to not only preserve these values for generations to come, but also to show us what it means to live by them every day.

SoldierStrong provides revolutionary technology, innovative solutions, rehabilitative services and educational opportunities to veterans to improve their lives and their families’ future.
Collaboration with WWE: 
WWE's collaboration with SoldierStrong dates back to 2009 when they shipped care packages to forward deployed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. WWE donated crates of items like Vitamin Water, sunflower seeds, Beef Jerky, baseball hats, DVDs, etc. Since then, one of the injured veterans that was helped was featured on WWE RAW, SoldierStrong has given WWE their "Corporate Leadership" award for philanthropic work, and in October 2018, Mojo Rawley emceed SoldierStrong's annual gala in Philadelphia.