Our Commitment to Community & Family

WWE celebrates Champions. Champions of Hope, Champions of Strength, Champions of Change and Champions of the Community. Together we are inspiring the entire WWE Universe to rise up and join us in supporting the causes we believe in. Our Champions reflect the code we live by: show respect, live your passion, lead by example, stay curious, be a storyteller and always give back.

When you Tag In and Take Action, we are all Champions.


Promote a culture of inclusion and respect through programs and partnerships that educate, enrich, and empower people to create a positive social environment for all, regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or physical or intellectual ability.or intellectual ability.


Enable people and communities around the world to affect change and drive impact through storytelling and access to resources


Provide resources, strength and hope to those battling critical and life-threatening illnesses.


Recognize and provide opportunities to individuals and organizations dedicated to the service of their country and communities.